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Glee (2009)

- Comedy | Drama | Musical
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Country: USA
Language: English

A high-school Spanish teacher becomes the director of the school's Glee club, hoping to restore it to its former glory.

Stars: Lea Michele Jane Lynch Matthew Morrison


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User Reviews

Foux_du_Fafa 29 April 2013

What I really liked about "Glee" in its first two seasons was that the characters and their situations were so easy to relate to, especially for someone like me (and many others, naturally) who went to a conservative, small-town school and never seemed to fit in. Despite the odd ridiculous moment or some bland covers of already bland songs, "Glee" became a true guilty pleasure, and I put the emphasis more on pleasure than on guilty. However, the whole premise of it involving a group of pupils at a high school would mean that it was never meant to last that long, and I do think it should have stopped once the main characters had left the school. Now the ridiculousness has become more and more pronounced, and I've stopped paying attention to the series. Sorry.

david-mtz-rdz11 16 March 2015

Even though it has lost its spark, Glee did something huge: it changed the way people see TV. With music, well written characters and a simple storyline, Glee changed the game. This show made people talk and made people sing. It could've been a mess from the beginning, but Ryan Murphy did a pretty good job until the last three seasons. I would like to remember Glee as a TV series that helped others in a way no other TV show could at that moment. We have to be honest, even if you hated it or liked it: before Glee there were no other show as open minded as this one. Glee, at the end of the day, is an optimistic, happy, and simple show. It doesn't try to be more than what it is, but as far as Glee can go, it had a pretty good run.

rebecca-fair-poulos 21 May 2009

I can just picture the creator, Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck) tossing ideas around with producers or writers or what-have-you and just saying "Let's do something happy." If this is the goal, "Glee" delivers.

With the combination of dreary times and warm weather "Glee" is just what the doctor ordered! Was the plot amazing? Not according to what we're used to. Shows these days seem to continually descend in to a deeper and deeper spiral of darkness. Don't get me wrong, I love it! Prickly characters are called "love-to-hate" for good reason, but there's a reason there is more than one category on the food pyramid. "Glee" is the perfect answer to a well- rounded entertainment diet.

At the very least "Glee" has set itself up to be a showcase for amazing talent including Lea Michele who rightfully earned a name for herself on Broadway with the hit "Spring Awakening" as Rachel Berry and newcomer Cory Monteith as Finn Hudson who may not be as talented as Michele, but was perfectly cast for the part. He does exactly what he's supposed to do which is to keep up with and support Michele who will send chills down your spine.

"Glee" seems like a familiar tale "The football player wants to sing and the unpopular girl also wants to sing!" but when was the last time we really saw this? Okay... disregard "High School Musical." This isn't "HSM." This is "HSM" done right--with real talent--and not actually a musical. The songs are all time-tested and well loved familiar tunes, i.e. Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" and the show isn't designed around the songs or for the songs like a musical... you'll know what I mean when you see it!

*Synopsis* A bright eyed and optimistic teacher, Will Schuester (played by Matthew Morrison) decides to revamp the Glee club. He dreams of making it something truly great around which the school can come together. From where we, the audience stand, he came into a glee club already filled with tremendous talent including Rachel Berry who dreams of fame and carving a niche for herself, but what was missing was a strong male lead. To do this Will (nefariously) recruits the star football player who finds himself right at home. *End Synopsis*

There may be moments in the pilot where the not-instant-fan may consider "I'll bet this moment was meant to make me laugh out loud... but I'm not," but I say to you that is not what this show is about. It's about the average... the conceivable, but if you and the people around you just wanted to sing and were good at it too. Most importantly it's a showcase just meant to keep you smiling.

Even if characters were to, in the course of time in the sometimes unpredictable television world, jump into bed with each other or perform a murder, I take comfort in the feeling this show will not be about that. It will be about happy entertainment with an "I wish I could buy the world a Coke" attitude.

Because this show does not have the (ironically) familiar twists, dips, flips, turns and drama other shows offer, I feel the logical grade to assign this show would have to be a B- for being somewhat "undeveloped" by modern standards. (Nobody has been abused to speak of yet.) However, despite the undeniable likelihood this show will never be listed in my top five, even for the year, I can pretty much guarantee it will be the show which I m

gerblandy 22 February 2013

Season 1 was fantastic. The plot was amazing and the characters where like able (or at least relatable). Then season 2 came along. It wasn't as brilliant as season 1 but it was still enjoyable. Season 3 started well but then became a downward spiral. The characters were starting to loose what made them, them. I could still watch all of it but sometimes I just couldn't stand some parts. Now we're on season 4 and I just cannot stand the show anymore. I could barely make it through the first episode. The new characters are just awful and there's nothing like able. They tried to make a new Puck with Jake but they failed because no one can be Puck. I just wanted so bad to keep watching the show in hopes that it would get better but now I'm on episode 2 and I'm done. Season 1 episode 1 had me Immedietly but this newest season is a complete disaster. And worst of all is that all the returning characters have completely lost their spark. I wouldn't be surprised if the show got canceled after this season.

BasiliskSt 19 July 2009

Glee presents a nascent high school glee club ready to blossom with the right talent and encouragement.

The lead characters from the adviser to the historically unpopular glee club members are genuinely engaging and attractive, albeit even as occasional subjects of hyperbole.

Our family found it hard to resist the show's charm. From teenagers to parents we were hooked and are anxious for more.

It will be challenging to keep up the level of production demonstrated in the pilot episode, but if Glee manages, Fox will have a truly great hit on its hands.

Lea Michele deserves special mention for her clear, powerful voice and high energy whether moving or standing still. As a sophomore desperate for fame she's credible and her dream doesn't seem impossible when you hear her sing.

meriemly 26 August 2020

I started binge watching this show everybody was talking about only a few weeks ago and grew to love it, for the music, dancing and humor... Santana was really cruelly funny, Brittany a hell of a dancer, Rachel and Mercedes have an amazing voice, Kurt is your bff... They lost me early in season 4 with the new (some of them flat boring) characters but the "older" cast were never far away so the pill ended up easy to swallow. It's a great show, you just feel like shaking it and dancing all the time while watching... It's just so sad to know that some of the lead actors are no more...

natalie-71-767929 21 May 2020

Glee is a great drama/comedy show to binge. Seasons 1-3 were really fun to watch and kept me interested, but 4-6 really went downhill. It was still a fun watch, just not the same quality and character development. Still worth a watch for the first 3 seasons and the great music!

rubleabigail 8 April 2019

I've been watching and rewatching glee since it first aired in 2009 when i was 5. I'm now 15 and I still watch it on a regular basis. It tackles so many touchy subjects in a really good way, it has really good humor (which is one of my favor parts), i like 99% of the songs they do in it. I will say the first three seasons are the best ones but like all high school shows it's obviously not going to be as good as it was when they were all in high school, like gossip girl, one tree hill (still really good after time jump, etc. it's cheesy but it's purposefully cheesy and makes it fun. the teen romance is fantastic, Finn and Rachel are absolutely adorable, they did however cause a lot of drama between the two which stressed me out as a hardcore Finchel shipper. the show definitely went downhill when Cory Monteith died since he was the heart of the show and after the tragic loss it just didn't feel the same anymore. i still 100% recommend this show if you like cheesy high school shows with musical numbers (especially show tunes)

gwoof 3 September 2009

As someone who gets hives when a Journey song comes on the radio, I was taken by surprise at how good Glee is. An exceptionally attractive and talented cast focuses a spotlight--both figuratively and literally--on the ultimate dweebs of high school: glee club.

It is no surprise that this show arises from the same writer for "Popular" . . . that short-lived and underrated second-tier network series with a similar setting. What is surprising is how well they integrate the music with the story line. What keeps it from being saccharine is the self-awareness and not-even-close-to-subtle wink to the camera that "yes, we are manipulating your feelings from high school." It is remarkably effective. At the same time it is a parody, it still connects us to that time when we all felt like the outcasts in High School. And make us feel like we could have had a voice if we only had a glee club like this one.

beachboygrl 24 October 2009 the plot line of the new Fox TV series "Glee" leaves a lot to be desired. In many instances, plot points from earlier episodes are ignored entirely in later episodes (like the mandate that all songs be about God or balloons after the club put on a sexed-up routine to "Push It" at a pep rally) and the story seems to be based more on recurring themes than a cohesive plot line. But who cares?! The real magic of the show lies in its two strong points: the characters and the music.

The characters are hilarious, and obviously a masterful fusion of great acting and clever writing. They are over the top, extreme, and purposefully cliché. Whenever any of the characters gets a section of internal dialogue in the show, it usually leaves me breathless with laughter.

The music is brilliant. Kudos to Fox for their continued clever use of iTunes that they started with American Idol. The cast covers songs from all genres and are unerringly original and 100% fun. I'm seriously impressed with all members of the cast. (Especially as it becomes apparent that ALL of the cast can sing, as Emma revealed in last week's episode). It makes me wish fervently that there had been a glee club in my high school.

So the plot is lacking...I really can't bring myself to care.

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Forrest Gump 1994 Review

I believe everyone has a right to their judgment about films or other topics. However from a lot of the comments I have peruse about this pellicle, I do not think many got the substance of the word from the author and the pellicle creator. This pellicle is a big present myth, a myth in the vocabulary is defined as a brief fanciful history that teaches a regarding duties. There are many morality defined in this pellicle but leading is entirety and excellence site watch top movies.

I have a half brother who grew up in the Meridional U.S. and on one incident we were discussing this pellicle and he said he felt it portrayed Southerners as dimwitted. I disagreed with him and informed him that the author himself was a natal Southron. The setting is central to this history in that it lets the rehearsal spread out tying in factual events with the myth before us.

The pellicle is wonderfully directed by Robert Zemeckis, the pellicle is his opus and is acted by a big toss on all levels. From the pl of child who were Forrest Gump movie and Gump Jr. by Haley Joel Osment. Say what you want but I have feeling Tom Hanks deserved the Oscar allot. Gary Sinise is equipollent with Lt.Dan whenever you perceive by the ear those tongues. Sortie Fields is the fond obedient female parent in her challenging locality. Mykelti Williamson as Bubba gives you a certain faculty of perception in the history that Gump had a certain intimate, he moves you with his symbol. Tongues don't grapple the replete doing of Robinet Wright Penn as Jenny. Jennys' delicacy and penalty are tactile as exhibited by Wright.

I have feeling that much of Gumps' seek reference of the sheathe or cause is his absolute faculty of perception of doing the right thing regardless of the clan and situations around him and we see that in this pellicle. That being the sheathe maybe we all wish we could be just a little more like that, trying to preserve natural excellence and not the business-offs we often make as we go down lifes highways.

The movie has it all too,spectacle,comedy and it challenges societal norms as well. Then there are the almost immeasurable quotes from the movie that have slipped into everyday articulate utterance. They are too made up of many to say at this sharp end.One of the toppers for me in the movie is when Forrest is in a uncertainty about life and wondering as Lt.Dan said we all have a doom and his Mom says it is where we are all just floating around like a plume in the draught. Forrest's symbol provisions it very well with this adduce,"I think it is a little bit of both." From my experiences in life it does appear to be that way. So if you have not seen the movie,see it soon you are in for a certain behave toward. If you did not like it, bestow it a try again and hopefully you will see it for the big history it is! Fmovies is the world's most popular and authoritative source for Movies and celebrity content. Find ratings and reviews for the newest Movies.

Glee 2009-2015 Storyline

When of great altitude academy Spanish tutor Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) becomes the superintendent of the academy's decay Hilarity cudgel, New Directions, he hopes to be able to render up to youth it. The cudgel competes in the choir emulation revolution. It's been called "a Of great altitude Academy Sweet-sounding for adults", the sequence follows the cudgel and its association of oddball members as they try and render up it to its former honor. It is a sweet-sounding comedy in which the keenly desirous and keenly desirous for superiority students not only be rivals to win the Nationals, but also have to quantity with the tough and ferocious realities of their academy, McKinley Of great altitude. At the same duration, Will is trying to render up to youth his decay be fond of life while preventing the academy's merriment cheerfulness ruling coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) from watch series online site.

Glee Tv show Review

(Before I shrink this re-examine, something of tragedy happened 7 days ago. One of the actresses in this display who played Santana, Naya Rivera, died of that happens by chance drowning at California, US. So, let's bestow a jiffy to reverence the actress who brought life, joy, and laughs to those who grew up with Glee serie. *weighs his noddle down to reverence the actress* Naya, we'll miss you.)

Now, when I was a teenager, I was finishing halfway gymnasium by the duration this display premiered, but miserably, I didn't have duration to watchfulness the display as I was very employed with heaven-kissing gymnasium. A year later, however, I resolute to marathon the undivided display on Netflix hoping it would be as beneficial as it does have some fans or bad as it later declined in characteristic more than the years.

What I got was admittedly an above medium display. Starting with the earlier seasons, it had a certain sum total of necromancy from the characters, a very realistic heaven-kissing gymnasium setting done very well, taking harmonious overspread poetry, and comely performance from everyone involved with Jane Lynch larceny the display as Sue Sylvester along with some very emotional moments.

Unfortunately, there are some problems as it later declined in characteristic more than the years with new characters that don't exactly have the necromancy as the primary fling members, there are a protuberance of not-so-beneficial episodes, the principal characters, while still beaming in the harmonious overspread poetry, weren't as bewitching as they were in the earlier seasons, and the hand became frivolous and cliched.

Overall, Glee stands out as well above medium. Not a completed display, but still merit attention for the harmonious overspread poetry. To those who harbor't seen the display yet and are biassed, certainly barrier this out.

Ferrari F40 review

I took a ride in a Ferrari F40 at justcars. I sat in the tourist station of this mythical, vintage supercar while the proprietor took me round the Top Array ordeal trace at Dunsfold.

Now I know why this car’s repute precedes it. Incredible… writes Glenn Doncaster.

Ferrari F40 diction and science of the beautiful
When you see an F40 for the first duration, you see why it’s famed for its looks.

he low, slanting forehead flows seamlessly into the polished, savory between the extremes and then down to the background end; which is what really gives the F40 its distinguishing look.

I be fond of the lengthy, triquetral air channels ruling up to intakes and of course that bulky background pennon – which really is the F40’s best lineament.

Its statue is truly timeless, perhaps unsurprisingly given that this car’s coming was the eventual act of Enzo Ferrari’s own calligraphy.

Ferrari F40 execution and essential statistics

It launches itself off the streak like a scolded cat; powered by a 478 tear asunder gelding ability, in pairs turbo-charged V8 machine, taking it from 0-60 in just 3.7 seconds and on to a top make haste of 201 miles per sixty minutes.

As this thing tears its way up the direct you perceive the ability wave from the machine out through the background wheels and the whole chassis vibrates vigorously, giving you a faculty of perception of what this it’s really open of.

Because the F40 weighs just 1.2 tonnes, it has a ability-to-heaviness rate of 398 tear asunder gelding ability per tonne and that mode it unconditionally flies. In incident, back in 1987, when this car was launched, it was the fastest lump produced car in the universe.
It’s not just this car’s looks that haven’t advanced in life a day; the execution is as narrative as it ever was.

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